Student apprenticeships are a vital component in the program, and require a substantial commitment. Usually students begin in their first year by serving at 1-2 gatherings on a Sunday, and around 3 hours in a ministry area during the week. Once you reach your third year you will have grown to become an integral member of your department, taking on more leadership and responsibility. You will increase your hours to at least two full gatherings on a Sunday, and around 6 hours a week in their department. In the final year your senior project can involve you in a lot of extra hours at various points. But don’t worry - the increase in hours and responsibility is matched by the awarding of increasing credit towards your degree.

Students begin their apprenticeship by exploring a wide range of ministry areas. No matter what your calling, or where you end up serving in the future, a broad knowledge of what goes on in ministry is part of building a foundation. Also, ministry often involves taking responsibility for things you find hard and don’t enjoy, as well as doing things you are gifted in!

In your second year we will help you to choose a ministry area that fits you and your stream choice (which we will also help you with). Once you settle in, this will be your home base for the next three years. In your third and fourth year a ministry leader in your team will also become your mentor - so you will really get to know these people and what they do well. Students can serve in many areas, from adult classes to communities, discipleship to worship, photography to production, people care to local justice projects, kids mentorship to prayer ministry. We will help you explore your options, and while you do not need a definite idea when you first apply, it can be helpful to give it some thought when you first apply. And if you are wondering what would happen if a few weeks in you discover it is a bad fit - don’t worry, we’d work with you to find the right home.