You, the next generation, will face new challenges as well as old as you press into the future. So you need a variety of voices to help you build a foundation, and to develop the grounded creativity to face the challenges of Kingdom leadership coming your way. So, as we work to understand and apply what the Bible teaches, we listen to leading thinkers, past and present, local and global, within our tradition and without. We expose you to practitioners who will provoke you to think and feel deeply, who are pushing the envelope in their field, and can share wisdom out of rich experience of life, mission, and ministry.

Many classes are taught by our team, including input from our church staff. Our stream leaders are all experts in their fields, and practitioners who are involved in fresh work God is doing. We bring in a range of visitors: outside voices who bring fresh perspectives and insight from specialists. We also have some online classes which add the voices of specialist teachers from outside our city. Lastly, we bring a team of mentors around you, mature Jesus-followers who are passionate about raising up the next-generation of disciples, ready to coach, train and cheer you on.

One of the most powerful groups that will influence you though, is each other. There is power in seeing God work in someone who is on the same road as you. So, we invest heavily in community life, eating and having fun together, growing our lives to overlap, as we learn to support each other as family. In fact, when we have asked people about their highlight, the most important factor to them, they invariably answer, ‘the community’. At the core of this community are your fellow students and the college team. But it extends out to our staff church, who are involved in mentoring and working alongside you. The program is an invitation to participate in the family life of our staff team as well.