Our end goal is to be able to provide an education for people God is raising up that doesn’t leave them with crippling debt as they take their next steps after graduating. We have one flat-rate tuition fee that covers everything - there are no hidden fees or extra costs. You may elect to purchase copies of course texts, but we will have copies available to use in the library so that this is not a necessity. We’ll even keep you stocked up with journals, notebooks and pens! You will need to pay for your General Education credits (18 in total), which can be done at low cost at a local community college for example. The only extra expense is trips, which you learn to fundraise for as part of the program.

Tuition contributes towards the cost of providing teachers and classes as well as our facilities, but also to the meals we eat each week, going on retreats, bringing in guest teachers, as well as providing for books and supplies. Unfortunately we are not currently in a position to offer housing, and this is not included.

Tuition rates are $10,500 per year. This is payable each semester in three installments (payment plan). However, if tuition is paid in full at the start of each semester there is a $250 discount per semester, bringing the total to $10,000 per year.

There is a late payment fee of 2% for each week that an installment is overdue. This isn’t to punish anyone - it just costs our team extra work to chase down payments. If you are ever struggling with tuition payments come and talk to us and we can explore finding a way forward that will work for you.

Sometimes we receive donations that enable us to offer scholarships. We use these to enable people to participate in the program that would not ordinarily be able to afford to do so. If you think this may be you, please contact us to find out if we have any scholarships available.

Although we do not charge tuition per credit, you will probably want to compare with other programs. After you remove the portion of tuition that covers books, food and retreats, and average over the four years, the cost per credit works out to around $250 per credit.