In your first, year you begin by laying a foundation in the Bible and theology alongside beginning to serve in apprenticeships and life-on-life mentoring. As you study, you consider what it means to be a passionate Jesus follower. This year is about seeing the big picture, preparing to dive deeper into the Bible, and what God has for your life.

In your second year, you choose a stream - an area of emphasis that will shape your studies and apprenticing for the rest of the program. We have three streams: mission, theology and worship. The streams represent different areas of focus, but also different types of people with a certain wiring, gifting or calling. Each stream also represents an area where our church sees God doing something special. We want to give away the best of what God is teaching us and pass on what God is doing among us to the next generation. 



Throughout the year, all students explore their identity as the people of God on the mission of God. In the mission stream, you press further into the heart of mission and explore what it looks like to approach your relationships, gifts and resources as opportunities for God’s Kingdom purposes. You are attracted to hands-on involvement and want influence the world, driven by a growing Christ-shaped love for others.

You study the values, attitudes and motivations that lie behind the Jesus-centered mission. This means going into the local community and listening, telling your story and engaging people. You look at mission on the local and global scale - in your personal context, and as something we foster in the local church.


You learn to listen to God, yourself, and culture as you press into how to do mission where you are. You explore the practical issues involved in blessing people to bring Kingdom influence, hope, justice, and restoration to communities. You learn how to tell the story of God, and your own story, in a way that connects with people and draws them into God’s story. Not forgetting the vital task of entrusting the work to God, you begin to grasp your role as a partner with the Holy Spirit on mission.


Theology stream students love to think deeply, explore new ideas and learn from different perspectives so that they can understand what they believe and engage others. They are full of questions and want to thoroughly explore what they think and why. If they were an engineer, they would take everything apart to understand how it works - this is what we do theologically in our stream classes.


You investigate how values, culture and tradition shape how people think about theology. You explore the connections between different theological commitments, picking through the details of the issues, developing an awareness of the tensions that provoke us to question. Theology is a human attempt to articulate the truth God has revealed in a way we can connect with and apply. So, you learn about how people think and explore how we can articulate God and His story to our emerging culture as we make disciples. You are pushed to develop greater clarity about what the Bible says, and the difference theology makes to our faith, life, mission and community. You explore the possibilities for belief within the limits of the Bible’s framework, continually asking how our theology affects the way we worship, live and treat people.

We want to send out theology stream graduates who are aware of the questions people are asking, and who can even see the challenges on the horizon. But they have wrestled with these issues themselves, and have something biblical and satisfying to offer in response. They can make disciples who are grounded in God’s truth, able to take ground for the Kingdom.


The college is driven by a passion for God and a heart of creative worship, since kingdom leaders have the heart of a passionate worshiper. In the worship stream, you press into the deep heart of a worshiper, exploring how to honor God with your life and gifts, encountering Him through creative expression. You love to engage with God and His Kingdom through celebrating, expressing and communicating the heart and mission of God.


You investigate the theology of worship, creativity and beauty, exploring how encountering God in the heart of worship colors every part of life. You learn about the character and values God wants us to develop as we serve him in producing authentic, biblical and prophetic expressions that please God and engage the world and church by drawing others into an encounter with God.

You learn to listen to the Spirit and to discern what He is doing in you and around you. You utilize your passion for the creative arts, from music to photography, graphic design to poetry, in order to help communicate who God is, his heart, and the gospel. You grow in understanding how to collaborate with others, to learn and be inspired by different perspectives, and you have the opportunity to learn from experienced artists. You grow to better understand how God can use your gifts and passions as a part of his story.