Throughout the year all students explore their identity as the people of God on the mission of God. In the mission stream you press into the heart of mission, and explore what it looks like to approach your relationships, gifts, and resources as opportunities for God’s Kingdom purposes. You are attracted to hands-on involvement, and want influence the world, driven by a growing Christ-shaped love for others.

You study the values, attitudes, and motivations that lie behind Jesus-centered mission. This means going into the local community and listening, telling your story, and engaging people. You look at mission on the local and global scale; in your personal context, and as something we foster in the local church.

You learn to listen to God, yourself, and culture as you press into how to do mission where you are. You explore the practical issues involved in blessing people to bring Kingdom influence, hope, justice, and restoration to communities. You learn how to tell the story of God, and your own story, in a way that connects with people and draws them into Gods story. Not forgetting the vital task of entrusting the work to God, and grasping your role as a partner with the Holy Spirit on mission.