We cultivate people who know the Bible, God and the story they are part of; who understand theology, know what they believe and are ready to engage culture; who have developed a mature life, filled with the Spirit, following hard after Jesus; who are equipped with the ministry skills to take the gospel to others, make disciples and use their gifts to serve their church and further the Kingdom.


We do this in a full-time program that combines online and classroom teaching with opportunities to be apprenticed as a leader locally and globally. Learning and development are supported by mentors who help guide and support.

All this happens in a transformative community where you can explore life with Jesus alongside others who are pursuing God’s call.

The Kingdom needs people who know the Bible. It is the foundation for every conversation: to know and love God, and to know how to live. Learning the Bible is the backbone of the program, with intensive classes on every book to explore what it has to say and to hone the skills of bringing the text into our culture.

Theology is where we connect what the Bible says about the questions and issues of life. You study culture, history and theology to work out what you believe and learn how to influence the world for Jesus. Knowledge alone is not enough to be a Kingdom leader. Influencing people and making disciples take skills, character and insight that only come through experience.

The program invests heavily in leadership training alongside opportunities to be apprenticed in life and ministry. You work with mentors and leaders to grow your gifts, gain ministry experience and become effective at turning Kingdom vision into reality.