Mission - Vision - Values

Our mission is to train and mobilize the next generation of Kingdom leaders. God has given us a vision to see the next generation raised up to lead radical lives as disciples of Jesus, following God’s call to live on the mission of Jesus, leading others as they make disciples, and changing the world to be ‘on Earth as it is in heaven.’

The church is desperate for leaders - all around the world there is untapped potential for the Kingdom to advance. Jesus saw this, telling his disciples, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Luke 10:2). God is calling people to his work, but we are responsible for training and preparing people to be effective (2 Tim 2:2, Eph 4:12).


Many have passion, vision and calling but flounder in discouragement or unfruitfulness because they are missing some of the ingredients needed to be an effective Kingdom leader. We are striving to be intentional about not allowing this to happen as we develop the next generation to lead the church - from missionaries to engineers, high school teachers to youth pastors.

There are some core values that help shape how we go about this.


The Bible is God's story to humanity, and through it He teaches us what it looks like to live a full life while being led by the Spirit to love God and people. We always start with the Bible, seeking to discover what God says.


The Holy Spirit is the one who reveals the truth and transforms us to be shaped by it. We need his power, and cannot attempt to follow Jesus without relying on the work of God’s Spirit.


God has not called us to a life of individualism and isolation, but to care about others and allow others to participate in our life – it is inherent in disciple-making. We won’t attempt to grow leaders without community.


Learning should lead to real growth. Information alone does not change lives. As we learn, we ask ‘so what’ seeking to respond to what we are discovering so that the abstract becomes concrete, and theory translates into action.


The next generation is going to lead a culture that has moved on. We cannot simply indoctrinate people to do all we do. New leaders need to be creatively inspired to learn from the past and present to step boldly into the future with fresh vision.

Whole-life Development

God calls disciples to something that infects all of our life. We develop leaders in the context of biblical disciple-making to produce people who have knowledge, and a life that reflects it; values, and character that represents them.