Tuition Information

Dear Students,

I hope you have been doing well!  With the start of Westside School just a few months away, you will be receiving a few emails with more information about logistics for the school in the next few weeks.  This email is to notify you in regards of tuition and how you will be sending in payments.

I have included the link below to the Pure Charity website, which is the organization we will be using for our tuition payments and regulation.  A Jesus Church has partnered with Pure Charity for all of our fundraising for our missions trips.  You will notice that when you register for the Westside School Tuition (2015-2016) it will be noted as a "Trip".  Don't let this confuse you as it is just the terminology that Pure Charity uses for fundraising.  Our "Trip" is simply for paying tuition.  

Link to Pure Charity Registration:

To pay, just click the link and follow the instructions on the page that comes up.  This is the page for our Westside School Tuition (2015-2016).  Under the "Trip Cost Guarantee", the tuition deadlines are listed with the payment amounts that are due on those dates.  You will be able to pay via checks or a credit card.  The information on how to send in a check is located on the checkout screen for your fundraiser, and I've included a link below with more info on this as well if there is any confusion.  Also note that the charge on your credit card will read as "PUR" in your bank transactions.  

Check Info:

After you register, You will have your own profile where you can see how much money you have paid, as well as send links out if there is anyone who wants to help pay for part of your tuition through a donation.  If you have money that is donated to you in cash, just take it to the bank and receive a money order or check that you can then use to pay.  The link for receiving donations is below:


If you need any other information on how to register, here a link that is helpful!:

Thank you!

Karly McGill - Westside School Administrative Assistant