Theology stream students love to think deeply, explore new ideas, and learn from different perspectives, so that they can understand what they believe and engage others. They are full of questions and want to thoroughly explore what they think and why. If they were an engineer they would take everything apart to see the details and understand how it works - this is what we do theologically in our stream classes.

If this is you, you will investigate how values, culture, and tradition shape how people think about theology. You’ll explore the connections between different theological commitments, picking through the details of the issues, developing an awareness of the tensions that provoke us to question. Theology is a human attempt to articulate the truth God has revealed in a way we can connect with and apply. So, you will learn about how people think, and explore how we can articulate God and His story to our emerging culture as we make disciples. You will be pushed to develop greater clarity about what the Bible says, and the difference theology makes to our faith, life, mission and community. You explore the possibilities for belief within the limits of the Bible’s framework, continually asking how our theology affects the way we worship, live, and treat people.

We want to send out theology stream graduates who are aware of the questions people are asking, even seeing the next challenges on the horizon. But they have wrestled with these issues themselves, and have something biblical and satisfying to offer in response. They can make disciples who are grounded in God’s truth, able to take ground for the Kingdom.