Mission Field Trips

Mission is part of the heartbeat of the AJC churches, and AJC College. It is the heartbeat of our God, the gospel, and his people. Learning how to cross cultural boundaries well by understanding others and sensitively adapting to become ‘all things to all people’ (1 Cor 9:22) is essential to Kingdom leadership. So all students learn about cultural anthropology and ministry contextualization: learning how to observe others, understand their cultural dynamics, and then bless them in ways that represent Jesus and translate the gospel story in ways that can engage them.

This part of the program culminates in a required field trip where you will go to a different culture. This normally takes place at the end of your third year. It is a research trip, on which you will try out the skills you have been developing. But it is also a ministry trip on which you will serve the people you go to, coming alongside established leaders to contribute to what they are doing. You will go as part of a diverse team, sometimes having the opportunity to be a leader. You will fundraise for your trip, which although daunting, is an excellent skill to develop for opening future opportunities. We run workshops to teach about fundraising and developing a support base, and support you in this process.

We partner with AJC’s mission organization, Hear the Cry [Link to], to go to locations around the world. You can find out more about the different trips they run on their website [Link to]. You could go to dozens of countries, from urban church plants in Scotland to urban renewal projects in Uganda; from working with refugees in Iraq to reaching the unreached in Myanmar; from working with orphans in Zimbabwe to supporting gospel ministry in Kazakhstan. These are opportunities to experience other cultures in ways that will expand your understanding of yourself and your culture, and to provide a fresh perspective on what your life could look like as you pursue God’s call. Of course… there is nothing limiting you to only participating in one trip! Being a part of the program can open up other opportunities with Hear the Cry, including helping to lead trips.

Semester Abroad

Some students undertake a senior project that involves pursuing a ministry project overseas. This could be part of launching a discipleship project in a new church plant, or spearheading building a fish farm in the middle of Africa. In your fourth year you may decide that the future God is leading you towards involves work overseas, for example in non-profit or NGO development, or as part of a church plant. In these situations you can elect to do one of your fourth-year semesters in the field, continuing your education through online learning, in partnership with local mentoring, while you complete your senior project in the field.