Why Study at AJCC?

We cultivate people who know the Bible, God, and the story they are part of; who understand theology, know what they believe, and are ready to engage culture; who have developed a mature life, filled with the Spirit, following hard after Jesus; who are equipped with the ministry skills to take the gospel to others, make disciples, and use their gifts to serve their church and further the Kingdom.


Are you following Jesus and want to grow your passion for God and his Kingdom mission?


We invite you to join a community where you can explore living the way of Jesus with people who care deeply about being invited into God’s amazing mission.


Do you feel God has a call on your life and you want to explore how to live a life that honors God with your gifts and passions?


AJC College is a place to explore who you are as an individual, how you fit into God’s story, and what that could mean for your future.


Do you want to learn how to serve Jesus better, to be an effective leader, and fruitful at making disciples of Jesus?


Then come and join our family to experience Kingdom work alongside us, and discover serving Jesus in ways that fit the story God is writing in your life.