The school is driven by a passion for God and a heart of creative worship – since kingdom leaders have the heart of a passionate worshiper. In the worship stream, you press into the deep heart of a worshipper, exploring how to honor God with your life and gifts, encountering Him through creative expression. You love to engage with God and His Kingdom through celebrating, expressing and communicating the heart and mission of God.

You investigate the theology of worship, creativity and beauty, exploring how encountering God in the heart of worship colors every part of life. You learn about the character and values God wants us to develop as we serve Him in producing authentic, biblical and prophetic expressions that please God and engage the world and church by drawing others into an encounter with God.

You learn to listen to the Spirit, and to discern what He is doing, in you and around you. You utilize your passion for the creative arts, from music to photography, from graphic design to poetry, to help communicate who God is, His heart, and the gospel. You grow in understanding how to collaborate with others, to learn and be inspired by different perspectives, and learn from experienced artists. You grow to better understand how God can use your gifts and passions as part of His story.